About Beacon Technical Systems, LLC

When surveying the market for monitoring systems for sump pump installations, the Beacon Technical Systems team of engineers realized that all of the existing systems only react to sump pump failures when the pump is required to operate — when it is too late to take corrective action.

What was needed was a monitoring system that would proactively test the sump pump installation prior to it being required to operate. After extensive research, Beacon engineers developed the BEACON® ProAct® 200.

The team behind Beacon Technical Systems, LLC has a strong and successful entrepreneurial background. Among the many team’s many successes include the patented U.S. industry standard TELESONICS system for transmitting stereo sound on television broadcasts. More recently, Beacon engineers developed and marketed the patented AUTOMARK Voter Assist Terminal, which enables voters with disabilities to independently mark paper ballots, assuring equal access to local, state and federal elections.

Beacon Technical Systems, LLC is based in Waukegan, Illinois.