Are you one of countless homeowners who realized that your sump pump had stopped working only when you walked into an already flooded basement?

Too many homeowners simply purchase a “high water” alarm system to alert them when the water is dangerously high in their sump pit. Unfortunately, such a system does not provide them with a meaningful advance notice because the alarm only goes off a short time before the sump pit overflows and the basement begins to flood.

Conventional sump pump alarm and monitoring systems just do not give you enough time to prevent flooding in your basement because these systems rely on the presence of high ground/rain water levels in your sump pit. With a failed sump pump, there is nothing that will stop the ground/rain water from overflowing in your pit and into your basement.

The key is to proactively test to make sure that your sump pump(s) and the entire back-up system is in good working order before the next storm. The patented BEACON ProAct™ 200 system is the only system that proactively tests all components of your sump pump installation under real operating conditions by automatically delivering fresh water into the sump pit.

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  1. David

    I have a finished basement and I rely on a sump pump to keep my basement dry. I also live in an area that has power outages from time to time so I have a back-up natural gas home generator to power my sump pump if there is a power outage.

    Several years ago, I was out of town and received a call from my wife that our basement was flooded. It turned out that while the generator worked fine and the pump itself actually worked too the float switch to actuate the pump was frozen in the off position so the pump didn’t “know” to turn on.

    We later remodeled our house and I had a new primary sump pump installed and, learning my lesson from before, I also installed a back-up sump pump, both of which were also connected to the back-up generator in case of a power outage. Guess what? We experienced another flooded basement.

    Again the generator worked fine and this time the problem was not a float switch problem but a mechanical failure in both the primary and back-up sump pumps. I, of course, replaced both sump pumps. I also recently connected the new pumps to Beacon’s ProAct 200 system.

    Now my primary and back-up sump pumps are automatically tested each week and there’s comfort in knowing I’ll be warned of a problem in advance.

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